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Probably the question of the moment in all areas and businesses, and in all parts of the world is what will happen in 2021? And how can we prepare businesses to face this uncertain year that is to come? Before we get into this topic

Mar Arellano

Mar Arellano

November 22, 2020

5 min read

Probably the question of the moment in all areas and businesses, and in all parts of the world is what will happen in 2021? And how can we prepare businesses to face this uncertain year that is to come?

Before we get into this topic, we want to call on all people not to let uncertainty and the current situation become a source of fear or control of our emotions!

Yes, we are going through strong moments, but it is in these moments where we not only have the capacity and the obligation to be more creative, but to shake everything up and create new ways to grow, survive and achieve success; because we are strong and resilient!

Stay Positive 

You always have to see the positive side! Despite the global reality, the Ecommerce industry has not stopped growing.

Every day more retailers are moving to digital sales, while new ventures are starting directly through eCommerce ventures.

It is already said that by 2022 e-retail revenues will grow to $ 6.54 trillion!

However eCommerce is an ever-changing industry, every year many new trends arrive, develop and leave the old ones behind, 2021 will not be the difference!

What We Can Do For You

Our company has grown a lot in recent years, and thanks to our dedication, our work team and the constant learning and constant updating of our entire team we can tell you that we are the perfect company to help your business not only face current adversities but to achieve success in your area.

We have worked with all kinds of industries, retailers and different brands so we understand your needs and focus on what makes you unique in the market to give your brand a boost!

We provide effective and powerful solutions in different branches such as Cloud Services, Ecommerce and Marketing, through all this we can help your digital platform to be successful.

For those of us who are part of the e-commerce world, 2020 has been the longest and the shortest year at the same time. The longest because there have been many difficult challenges that due to uncertainty we have been slow to address, since everything has been exacerbated by the uncertainty of when it will all end. And the shortest because we have had to work faster than ever to meet the demands and compensate for the loss of sales from physical stores.


What trends are coming for 2021 and what do we recommend?

Constantly working at full speed as we have done since March until now, cannot continue for much longer, as this will surely generate some kind of burnout of the industry.

The key to avoiding burnout or something equally terrible will be in our early preparation to face the challenges that the coming year brings! At SEEED we strive every day to help our clients prepare for the unknown. and we achieve this with a basic key: Flexibility.

Part of our strength is in being flexible and adapting to new situations.

Being absolutely aware of spending has never been more important to businesses than now.

When planning an Ecommerce strategy for 2021, we must know exactly what we are going to spend and for what. Therefore, our transparency not only in prices but in the way we work is essential.

So what trends do you have to watch out for for the new normal?

  • Most of the "new normal" will be omnichannel shopping: Omnichannel retail is about providing shoppers with a consistent and consistent experience across channels and devices.

With the increase in the adoption of mobile devices and voice assistants, we can only imagine that the number of omnichannel customers will increase even more in 2021.

  • AI and AR will certainly improve the user experience in e-commerce: Artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly act as your online partner in the store by offering personalized guidance and recommendations to customers.

While augmented reality (AR) helps remove the obstacle caused by the lack of being able to physically observe and manipulate a product, by allowing your customers to see what a certain product would look like on them even before buying the product.

  • More and more payment methods will emerge: Payment options are one if not the main reason why your customers will choose your brand before any other.

If you don't offer your customers' preferred payment method, they may stop buying from you.

  • The ecommerce industry will be dominated by mobile ecommerce: By the end of 2021, mobile devices are expected to generate almost 73% of total e-commerce sales. And it is highly likely that a good number of online shoppers will abandon their carts in the middle of the purchase if your website is not mobile friendly.

As consumers' confidence in online purchases increases, they feel more and more comfortable doing them through their mobile devices.

  • Sustainable practices will lead to more sales: 65% of consumers say they want to buy products from brands with a specific purpose and that they advocate for sustainability.

Green consumerism is increasing rapidly, and brands must act quickly to remain relevant and competitive.

  • Visual commerce begins to play a leading role when it comes to sales: This refers to using images not only on product pages as a catalog, but also throughout your store to entice users to engage and convert.

Using 360 images that generate the sensation of already having the products in your home, or create images with virtual shopping ads in places like Pinterest, Facebook or even Netflix.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce businesses looking to excel in today's market must prepare to embrace the latest trends as soon as possible.

We know how tedious and even scary this can be, which is why we are here to help you get to the next level and not be late for 2021!

Write to us, we are more than happy to assist you and help you!