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5 Holiday Marketing Tips to entice your customers

The world has changed with the pandemic, and so the way your customers behave. And since 62% of customers plan to do their holiday shopping online, you have to create a solid omnichannel experience for them.

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Isabella Wills

September 27, 2021

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Although, every purchase ends on your eCommerce, you have to take into consideration that it doesn’t necessarily start there. According to Retail TouchPoints, 76% of consumers have purchased a product they saw in a brand's social media post, and 65% of U.S. consumers said that a link in a post has led them to a product they were not originally interested in purchasing. 

That’s why your Holiday Marketing Strategy has to be creative, effective and specially omnichannel oriented, which means that you have to provide coherence on your content creation throughout all your channels, and make it very easy for your customers to find you and shop at your store. 

So, how can you create a successful Omnichannel Marketing Strategy for the Holidays?


1. On Social Media, be target oriented   

Quantity and quality matter, but targeting is what matters the most. So ask yourself the questions: Who will be the best customer to target during the holidays? Your loyal customers? The churn ones? The ones that have never bought from you? All of them at the same time?

To establish this, don’t go with what your gut tells you; go with what the data is showing to you. Therefore, analyze your historical shopping data and look back at the stats from your previous marketing campaigns, to understand what you did right and what you did wrong. 

This will also help you establish how much effort you should invest on a specific piece of content and how the copy and the design should be. Should you create Videos, Gifs, a carousel, or just a high quality picture? And most importantly where should the paid ads budget go. 

2. On Email Marketing, go for personalization 

According to statistics from Celtra 77% of shoppers are more inclined to buy from brands that personalize content across their online shopping journey; 32% of them want to see inspirational content for gift ideas, and 35% prefer Email communication from brands as opposed to receiving direct mail.

That’s why when we say personalized, we mean write Emails that respond to your customers' preferences, and design email templates with holiday looks. For example, when Black Friday comes, take into account that most of your customers will get bombarded with emails, and having an appealing design as well as coming up with an attractive subject, are going to be the factors that will make your customers actually prefer to open yours and hit the purchase button. 

Remember it is not only about the “Hot SALE”. 

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3. On SMS, go for A/B testing 

SMS is that channel where what works for other brands, doesn’t mean is going to work for you. That’s why you should A/B test not only with the copy, but also with the segments and cohorts, as well as the timing, streams, etc. 

You also have to be very careful with sending too many SMS, because you will get ignored. So, if you have a SaaS business, which means that you don’t only have an eCommerce, but you also have an app, take advantage of the Push Notifications, and just send one SMS that could motivate your customers to go to your app, and use Push Notifications as reminders of the SALE you have. 

These also, have to necessarily be personalized, so your customers can get curious enough to go to your store and purchase your products. 

4. On Blog Marketing, go for being helpful

As you know, Blog Marketing is not only truly beneficial for the SEO of your eCommerce, but is especially essential to create loyalty among your customers, because even though we live in the era of information, and we are constantly bombarded with content; people are actually looking for digestible, empathic, insightful, helpful and relatable content. And, blogs are the perfect space to create that kind of connection with your old and new customers. 

So, let’s say your customer Sara hasn’t yet found what to give to her daughter for Christmas, and on your Email List you have another 30 moms that probably are having the same issue, and in their case they don’t know what to give to their nieces. Well, that is the moment when you send them an email with your latest blog post, that talks about 8 Gift Ideas, with 8 of your products.

Creating that type of content will help those 30 moms, will improve your SEO and will increase your sales, because you gave them thoughtful, personalized and helpful content that motivated them to purchase. 

5. Make a plan to avoid the rush

Have the Holiday Calendar in mind and mark the Holidays that you want to build a Marketing Strategy for, so you can start the brainstorming and the research ahead of time. Waiting until Thanksgiving to get your campaigns out, will create a lot of stress and frustration, so get into early planning to avoid the rush. 

If you want to create a winning Holiday Marketing strategy, contact us and book your free consultation here!