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5 reasons to change your store theme for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is coming and you have to do what it takes to capture your customers' attention and get a slice of the $789 billion consumer spending pie. That’s why we want to share with you some of the reasons why changing your store theme for the Holidays is an essential part to take advantage of the most profitable time of the year.

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Isabella Wills

November 08, 2021

4 min read

1. Consumers' behavior changes, and so do you

During the Holidays customers don’t shop with the same approach as they do any other time of the year, like when they are getting a Birthday present for someone, or just buying a cute outfit on sale. 

When the Holidays come, customers start to behave differently; they consume gift guides, they read blogs, they pay very close attention to prices, since they have to shop for more than one gift, and they have to shop with meaning as well, because it is for their loved ones. They also look for different options, so they don’t stick to just one store, because they know there could be another store that can offer a better discount, or a better kit, or has the same product but includes an additional item for free. 

Besides, many shoppers are considering abandoning their plans to shop in-store due to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore your eCommerce content has to be on-point; it has to be attractive and empathic enough so you can assure them that they are making a good choice by shopping at your store.  

2. Your customers' culture and traditions matters 

One of the main reasons to change your store theme for the Holidays is that by adapting it to your customers' culture and traditions, you are showing them that you actually care about what they think and feel. According to our Lead Designer, Melissa Rincón, when you know you have christian customers that love to celebrate Christmas, you should add the red, green and white colors to your online store, not only to make remembrance and allusion to their special season, but also to make those customers feel that their traditions are important for your brand. 

The same happens when you have jewish customers; changing your theme to the Festival of Lights and creating a digital Hanukkah atmosphere exclusively for them, will definitely increase the loyalty of your customers, which will make them recommend their friends and relatives to shop at your store even more.

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3. Create coherence with your Holiday Marketing Campaigns  

Let’s say you are designing an A/B testing Holiday Sale post for Instagram and Facebook, and that post or video has the red, green and white colors all over it. If you are leading them to shop at your online store with that post, your site better have those colors as well, so you can provide your customers a smooth experience for their eyes.

Creating coherence not only applies to the copywriting or to the tone and voice of your brand; it also has everything to do with the colors you use, at every stage of the customer journey. Therefore, if you are investing in Holiday Marketing ads with Christmas colors, then your eCommerce has to welcome those social media users that click on your ad.  

Furthermore, changing your social media profile pictures, logo and cover image to a more festive look, is also a way to create coherence and a reminder for your customers that they are shopping or doing business with a very human brand. 

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4. It drives more conversions and sales! 

Although you won’t be able to simulate the pine smell on your site, changing your online store theme for the Holidays and setting the mood for your customers will definitely increase your sales. According to a study from Retail Dive, 70% of shoppers feel that they can relate and connect to the brand when the site creates a festive atmosphere for them. 81% said that it improves their mood and 84% affirmed that it makes the shopping experience more enjoyable. And when you create a better shopping experience your sales always increase. 

5. Is really easy to change 

And last but not least, for WordPress or BigCommerce users, switching online store themes is almost instantaneous; in just a couple of clicks your layout can transform into a full festive atmosphere that will make your customers feel so comfortable shopping at your store during this special season. 

If you want us to help you set your eCommerce ready for the holidays, just book your free consultation here!