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5 trends to level up your eCommerce in 2022

Consumers’ behaviors and habits have changed drastically since the beginning of the pandemic, forcing companies to make adjustments and even pivot their business models. And since the eCommerce industry will continue to rise in 2022, here are some trends that every online seller should apply to stand out from their competitors and truly scale.

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Isabella Wills

December 06, 2021

4 min read

1. Augmented Reality 

While “Virtual Reality” wants customers to be completely immersed into an artificial creation, where they are not meant to experience the real world, “Augmented Reality” augments or highlights specific features of the real world, by using an app on their phones. 

This is a tool that accelerates the sales process, since customers no longer have to wonder how a watch would look on their wrist when they shop online, or how the couch they want would look like in their living room. Therefore, Augmented Reality makes customers trust their shopping decisions more and creates a great experience for them. 

Besides, they don’t have to use a headset or hold controllers, which makes everything easier, and according to the data, customers love it. Take notes:

  • 71% of customers are willing to shop more often if AR is available over the eCommerce platform. 
  • 40% of shoppers are willing to pay extra for a product with customization available over AR. 
  • 32% of consumers are already using AR while shopping. (Customer Think

2. Chat Bots

Although WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Email are essential sales tools for retailers, and are also part of what it means to provide an Omnichannel experience; not every business owner can afford hiring a full team of customer-service representatives to be 24/7 solving issues and answering questions. 

That’s why including a Chatbot on your eCommerce is one of the best moves you can make for the next year. It will help you save time and money, and it will simplify the communication with your customers. 

CRM software like Salesforce or Pipedrive that include Chatbots on their membership plans can help you facilitate different tasks like:

  • Answer frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Suggest products recommendations
  • Collect feedback from surveys
  • Inform your customers about current sale offerings. 

3. Subscription payment methods  

By 2025 the subscription economy is expected to grow 1.5 trillion, which is no surprise since 54% of online shoppers have subscribed to an eCommerce subscription box service, and over 50% of eCommerce service subscribers have more than one active subscription. (Invesp)

These are stats that show how customers are changing their behaviors and preferences towards companies that do everything they can to make their lives easier. Therefore, adding a subscription payment method to your eCommerce, instead of having a checkout that only allows One-Time Purchases, is a strategy that will help you increase your revenue and retain more customers. 

  • Check out The Subscriptions Cloud App: A 360 payment checkout available for BigCommerce store owners, that allows your customers to buy subscription-based products, one-off products and even Mix Carts. The app is safe, secure, easy to use and powered by Square.   

4. Social Media as Sales Channels

According to the Sprout Social’s 2020 Index, over 90% of customers use social media to research a brands’ products or services, and 9 out 10 people have said that they buy from companies they follow on social media. Then, as an eCommerce store owner, you must simplify your customers' shopping experience, by letting them buy easily through your Social Media accounts. 

Don’t wait until next year to boost your sales and start taking advantage of: 

  • Instagram’s Shopping Tab to allow your followers to explore your products.
  • The Facebook built-in storefront to easily upload products.
  • Pinterest’s buyable pins to promote items for sale. 
  • TikTok’s organic reach to create relatable ads.

5. Voice-search optimization 

The final eCommerce trend we recommend you to get involved in is voice-search, since voice shoppers are expected to increase by 55% and voice shopping will hit 40 billion the next year; (Markets Insider) which is a great opportunity for online sellers to stand out from their competitors and help customers find what they want fast and easy. 

Companies like Apple are getting left behind with Siri because of its poor AI, but customers have other options like Okay Google or Alexa (Amazon), that they are using to play songs, check the news, listen to their favorite podcast, and especially to have an effortless shopping experience when they buy products and get subscriptions.   

Don’t forget:

Every trend that we’ve mentioned has one thing in common, which is improving the shopping experience, because that’s what customers are valuing the most. Customers want brands that truly care, they want brands that make them feel special, and every software gadget, every improved strategy, is what will help you become a memorable brand that your customers will recommend to everyone. 

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