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A guide to perfecting your customer experience in 2022

Companies that focus on perfecting their customer experience are the ones that can reduce their churns and increase their revenue. That’s why every touch point matters now more than ever, not only because customers have higher expectations from brands than ever before, but also because a good customer experience is the tool that you can use to outrun your competitors.

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Isabella Wills

December 13, 2021

5 min read

From all the areas where you can start to improve your customer experience, here are the main 4.

1. Mobilization

Even though 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase using mobile devices, most shoppers aren’t satisfied with the experience provided by store owners. According to Adobe, “in 2020, 27% of consumers advised that shopping on a smartphone was "stressful", compared to 20% in 2019 and 23% in 2018;” which means that there’s a lot of room to improve in this area. 

Take into consideration that one thing is mobile traffic, and another one is mobile conversion, because you can have a beautiful web design, but if the shopping experience isn’t clear and simple enough, customers will browse your site but would not shop. Therefore, analyze if your mobile conversion is lower than your mobile traffic, and if that’s your case, start making the proper adjustments. 

So, what should a truly mobile-friendly store have? 

  • A Responsive Approach
  • Provide an omnichannel shopping experience
  • The latest UX/UI standards 
  • Easy navigation using just a thumb 
  • Guest checkouts
  • Custom search using audio search 
  • Visible and clear CTAs
  • Optimized images
  • Logo linked with homepage 

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Creating a site that is truly compatible with mobile devices, will help you attract a wide range of users and boost your sales no matter the time of the year. 

2. Personalization

Personalization sounds more complicated than it really is. It could be complicated if you don’t have enough data, but when you know your customers enough, all you need to do are small tweaks on your online store that will help you create a unique shopping experience for each one of them. However, keep in mind that 92% of internet users are worried about their internet privacy, that’s why too much personalization can become uncomfortable for your customers, so keep it simple. 

One of the tweaks you can quickly apply is to collect data based on the pages a specific customer has visited on your site, to add a “You may also like” section below the products they are looking for. In this section, you can add upselling or cross-selling products depending on what you know that customer is more interested in.

So, let’s say you sell skin care products and you have a customer that always shop the same moisturizer; on the “You may also like” section, you can offer them the Acid Hyaluronic you know he or she has liked on your Instagram page before, and the Vitamin C that is also part of a complete skin care routine.  

Another cool tweak you can include on your eCommerce is the “add a gift message”, which is perfect for those businesses who specialize in selling gifts, but is also very useful for those online sellers that are just starting out and want to get to know their customers better, since customers not only buy gifts for someone else, but also for themselves. That box could also say “add a note here”, which will also let your customers share information about themselves. 

3. Socialization 

Perfecting your customer experience, also means perfecting your Social Media presence, because it is the “word of mouth” 2.0, where you can attract new customers and develop an emotional connection with them to the point of creating a community around your brand. When you have a complete Social Media presence, and you create a consistent tone that reflects the personality and core values of your brand, it drives not only more followers, but specially more sales. 

Your Social Media presence is also your company’s presentation letter, that’s why you must take time to add high-quality product photographs and create content that either entertains, educates, inspires or converts. And although consistency is important, authenticity and quality are essential to engage with your audience. 

Remember to not use Social Media as a separate tool from your eCommerce, it must be connected to your online store. And so, allow your customers to register on your site using their social media logins, not only to get to know them better, but specially to involve them more in your content ecosystem, which is part of providing a truly omnichannel experience. 

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4. Dynamic Pricing 

And last but not least, to perfect your customer experience you must have prices that are competitive and fair, so your customers can have another reason to recommend their family and friends to buy at your store. 

According to a study by PROS “two thirds of buyers are likely to switch to a vendor that offers personalized real-time, dynamically updated pricing.” That’s why it is crucial that you define prices for your products and services taking into account the latest market conditions and adjust them using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning techniques. 

The same study states that “disconnected pricing results in lagging processes, channel conflict, and poor buying experiences, pushing customers to channels where they can get their personalized or just better prices.”

Investing in providing your customers with Dynamic Pricing, means investing in their trust. 

Don’t forget:

There’s no doubt that customers' expectations are higher than ever, that’s why if you want to not only acquire new customers, but specially retain the loyal ones, taking all these recommendations into account will allow you stand out from your competitors. 

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