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Business trends to watch out in 2022

Over the past years, e-commerce has been growing at an explosive rate. This is due to several factors, including the convenience and flexibility it offers consumers and the increasing ubiquity of broadband internet connections.

Rowland Saer

Rowland Saer

January 03, 2022

7 min read

However, what will the e-commerce landscape look like in 2022? Here are some e-commerce trends 2022 to watch out for:

1. Increasing focus on mobile commerce

The rise of mobile devices has led to a significant increase in the use of mobile commerce. Research firm Forrester predicts that by 2022, mobile commerce will account for 54% of all online sales. This is due to several factors, including the growth of smartphones and the increasing use of mobile apps for shopping. Businesses that want to remain relevant in 2022 must begin to focus on mobile commerce, even if they are currently less known for their e-commerce services. Companies should also start testing mobile payment solutions, such as mobile wallets and QR codes.

In addition, the mobile experience you provide must be consistent and coherent in terms of UX and UI, that’s why at Seeed we help you go beyond the logo creation, the visual identity and the digital product design, to create a unique language around your brand. 

2. Businesses will use big data more effectively

Data has become one of the most valuable assets of any business today. Businesses need this information to learn more about their customers, including their shopping habits and preferences. Companies can then use this data to tailor promotions and recommendations for consumers, which helps them stand out to consumers who are increasingly wary of generic advertisements and promotional offers. Business owners could also use this data for other purposes, such as directing users towards similar items based on previously viewed items or increasing the accuracy of targeted ads.

One of your clients at Seeed is now taking advantage of big data, by transforming their business into a SaaS platform that can handle large files to be uploaded and displayed eCommerce data, features, and descriptions, while accumulating customer data. 

3. More businesses will use chatbots

Chatbots are computer programs that can mimic human conversation. They are commonly used to provide customer service, and many businesses find them to be more efficient and cheaper than traditional customer service channels, such as call centers. In 2022, it is expected that even more businesses will begin using chatbots to provide customer service as they become more sophisticated and accurate in their responses.

4. The increasing popularity of subscription services

Subscription services have been on the rise in recent years, as consumers become more comfortable with the idea of paying a monthly fee for access to a specific product or service. This is especially true for products that are considered luxuries, such as gym memberships, music streaming subscriptions, and other entertainment-related services. Businesses could stand to benefit by offering similar services to their customers, as long as they can create a compelling value proposition.

5. A growing emphasis on customer experience

Customer experience has always been necessary for businesses, but it is becoming even more so in the age of e-commerce. Companies that want to remain competitive in 2022 must focus on creating a positive customer experience, including convenient and user-friendly website designs and providing quick and responsive customer service. Businesses should also consider using AI-powered chatbots to provide better customer service. Entrepreneurs and companies need to be open-minded and develop Business Strategies that work for them and help them achieve new heights.

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Furthermore, if your online business is experiencing issues with the platform you are using, in terms of slow speed, plugin versioning, inventory sync, and so on, consider migrating to an enterprise-level platform that allows you to scale your business and truly improve your customer experience. 

One of our clients was using WooCommerce, so we helped them migrate to BigCommerce for Wordpress. Now they can handle massive orders and provide the smoothest customer experience that allows them to create loyal customers.  

Check their platform migration process. 

6. The continued growth of social media platforms

Social media platforms continue to grow in popularity, with new ones emerging all the time. Businesses would be wise to create social media accounts and begin using them for marketing their products and services. In addition, businesses should consider using social media to gather feedback from customers and improve customer service.

Businesses that have clear content strategies and create omnichannel experiences for their customers, are the ones that boost their sales no matter the time of the year. 

7. More businesses will use drones for delivery

Drones have grown in popularity in recent years, and Businesses are starting to use drones to provide products and services. Lots of companies could benefit by using drones for package delivery, especially in rural areas where traditional delivery methods are more expensive. The ones that start using drones early enough will get a head start over their competitors, who would likely find it difficult to catch up once drone usage becomes more widespread.

8. Businesses will continue investing in electronic payments

Electronic payment systems have become increasingly popular over the years, with many consumers preferring them to traditional payment channels like cash. If they haven't already done so, business owners should consider expanding their offering of electronic payment options (for example, by adding mobile-wallet capability on websites), which will help reduce fraudulent activities and offer secured payment gateways. 

In addition, companies that are operating in highly competitive markets might also want to consider offering incentives (such as discounts or free shipping) for customers who use electronic payments.

On the other hand, it is essential that you invest in secure electronic payments like the ones provided by one of our biggest partners, which is Square.

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What are the expectations for 2022?

  • The eCommerce market is expected to grow by almost 20 percent in 2022, reaching new heights and crossing the $4 trillion mark.
  • Businesses are also expected to move towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that positively affect their employees and environment.
  • Advancements in Artificial Intelligence are expected to create a high impact, especially by making processes faster and accurate and understanding the impact of emerging trends on Business efficiency and future business owners success, thus facilitating seamless connectivity between tasks performed by Companies.
  • Companies are also expected to focus on Fraud prevention and Cybersecurity threats as they will continue to increase in number, making it difficult for Businesses to stay protected from cyber threats.

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Therefore, as a business owner you have to always stay one step ahead of your competitors by developing newer ways to attract new customers. With the advancement in technology, you must focus on developing technology that assists your companys’ operations.

In conclusion: 

New Business Trends for 2022 will result from these new developments, and the companies that can anticipate these changes and adapt quickly will be more successful in the long run. The trends listed before provide a good starting point for businesses unsure where to start. 

We know that it can be difficult for business owners to keep up with all of the changes because so much of this world is based on new technologies. However, you can start making huge improvements by creating a positive customer experience, including convenient and user-friendly website designs and providing quick and responsive customer services.

What is your main milestone for this year? Let us help you solve your problems and unleash the power of your business while transforming it into a complete digital ecosystem. 

Book your free consultation here: and start your 2022 on the right track.