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Do’s and Don’ts of Content Marketing for eCommerce

When you figure out how to engage with your customers, your business can grow and scale faster. Never forget that word of mouth is still the best marketing strategy and forever will be the best way to increase your reach.

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Isabella Wills

June 28, 2021

4 min read

So let’s evaluate what you should do when creating a Content Marketing Strategy for eCommerce, and what you definitely shouldn't do. 


1.Establish the purpose of each piece of content 

Ask yourself these questions: Is this going to educate my customers? Is it going to be engaging for them? Or is it going to entertain them? Every single piece of content you create has to answer one of these questions, and if it doesn’t, then you shouldn’t post it. 

So think about this when you start to identify topics, formats, colors and even hashtags because having that in mind is what is going to create coherent and unique content marketing for your audience and potential customers.  

2. Identify each stage of the buyer journey

A winning eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy has to take into account the stage where each customer is, so you can deliver the right message for them depending on where they are in the sales funnel. 

For example, if your customer is on the awareness stage, he or she is just looking for educational content about what type of product or service you offer; but if your customer has already bought your product, he or she is looking for advanced guides on how to make the most out of the purchase, and that’s where tutorial videos could be very useful for them. 

3. Always measure your results and trust data 

A/B testing is a great method to understand what works and what doesn’t, so you can learn from your mistakes and invest your time wisely in creating the type of content that brings you the best results. 

Remember to track data like engagement rate, email open rate, click-through rates, cost per-click and lead conversion rate, to optimize your next moves. 



1.Don’t rely only on organic content, you need to promote it 

Waiting for traffic to miraculously go up, is not going to happen when according to a report by HubSpot, 70 percent of brands are investing in content marketing, so if you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, start investing in ads that can help new customers discover your brand.   

2. Don’t put all your efforts in just one channel 

It’s great that you enjoy doing content for Instagram or Facebook, but you shouldn’t focus all your efforts on growing just one channel, you must distribute it through email, blog posts, SMS, YouTube, Podcasts, and of course optimize it for your SEO. That’s why it is so important to think about the format of your content when you start creating it. 

So for example, let’s say you offer beauty products, so you start a podcast around beauty tips for women in their 30s; if you record it not only in audio format, but also you record it on video, now you will have content for your YouTube. In addition, you can cut pieces of the podcast and turn them into short videos for Instagram Reels and TikToks, and you can take some quotes that were said in the podcasts, to put them on your Twitter account. That’s thinking big and that’s how you truly increase your reach. 

3. Don’t try to be a brand you are not

You are always going to have competition, there’s no way to escape from that. BUT you have to remember that no one can copy authenticity, so if you manage to stay true to yourself, to the unique purpose of your brand, and the reason why you started it; then your story is the one that will stand out, and it is the one that will help you be different from your competitors. People buy from people, so being truly you could turn into a great business.  

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