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We are about to finish the first month of the last quarter of the year, and the news that we see every day about the current crisis stresses us and generates many doubts

Mar Arellano

Mar Arellano

October 21, 2020

5 min read

We are about to finish the first month of the last quarter of the year, and the news that we see every day about the current crisis stresses us and generates many doubts.


Once again we see that the number of infections is increasing, which generates absolute uncertainty.

But it is not time to get discouraged, but the time to plan everything in the most precise way!

It is true that with the increasing uncertainty, having things clear is quite complicated. However, this is the moment not only where we must be more organized and tidy with our businesses, but also provide the best facilities and security for our clients as well as warmth.

The holidays have always been a time to celebrate with the people we love, and this year it won't stop being that way!

Depending on the country and state in which we are, the rules and laws regarding COVID vary, so it is essential to understand how things are working in each locality.

Today we want to talk about some tips that will help your business to keep selling. 

Physical and digital venues have more in common than you imagine, and just as you prepared last year to have everything ready for the festivities, and open the doors to the public, this year you have to do it with more strength and win and with the appropriate security measures, both in your eCommerce and in your physical store.

Before talking about the tips, let's keep two things in mind, despite everything, people will look for and buy holiday gifts! and second, both sellers and consumers cannot let life be overshadowed by the current situation. We are a resilient species, and like so many other crises we will come out "together" ahead!

Currently, many stores now only have a digital platform, many more have both a physical space and a digital platform, and finally, although in these times we find it difficult to believe, many businesses and brands only have a physical space. for which we want to encourage them to create a digital platform, since at present and leaving COVID aside, the world continues to grow digitally without stopping!

This brings us to the first point, which is to Solidify the Online Presence. It is very important to have a solid brand and a well-made platform. This ranges from having a complete website and a presence in stores like Amazon, to the simple fact of creating a good listing on Google Local Business. The important thing is that everything is updated so that it reflects the reality of both your digital and physical store. 

It is very important that your business currently offers the Click and Collect option, this will make sales easier for you and generate more confidence and peace of mind for your customers. This is not complicated, and it is nothing more than making it easy for your customers to make the purchase digitally and to collect their order from your store without having to enter it!

Then it is very important that you keep your online store updated with the following tips:

  • Produce essential and informative transactional emails.
  • Set up shipping options to deliver last-minute gifts.
  • Creating sitemaps and conducting keyword research for SEO growth in e-commerce.
  • Have an easy-to-navigate website design and effective branding to create a "home" feel.
  • Establish the basics of email marketing.
  • Implement effective return and refund policies for online sales.
  • Write quality product descriptions that inform and photos that create that "want" feeling.

In this way, you will have covered all the important areas for the sale.

Hygiene, probably one of the most important elements today. If you have a physical store, without a doubt, it is vital that you comply with all the required hygiene standards, since this provides a lot of security to your buyers, if you have a delivery service your employees must also carry out all hygiene and safety procedures. Show on your networks or platform what measures you use, this will make your public trust you.

Normally by this season, the businesses had already filled their stock to the full, so they would be sure of having everything for their customers. Having a solid Inventory is vital! However, with the current uncertainty and inconsistent buyer behavior, there are a few additional things to pay attention to during this holiday period. 

To Stock Up this year, pay more attention to your numbers, it may mean having less stock on hand to keep the cash moving. Consider offering customers the ability to purchase a product from the store and have it shipped to them when it arrives in stock.

When it comes to physical premises, every year a Layout for browsers is created, this allows the client to visit premises in a way thought and created to see everything, we must keep the same in mind when doing it online.

Turn online browsers into shoppers for your store!

In early 2020, Google acquired Pointy, a startup that helps traditional merchants publish products online. The simple unit connects to your POS hardware and lists your inventory online. Since customers are used to searching for products online, they can now find your products much easier!

These are some of the ideas we want to give you so that you can continue generating sales this year.

Now it is up to you!

If you have questions we are here to help you!