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Instagram down, Facebook down, WhatsApp down, what to do? Have a solid eCommerce

Last Monday, Facebook was hit by an outage that lasted more than 6 hours, and prevented users all around the world from having access to the platform. The blackout also didn’t allow their staff to access its internal network, and the company lost $7 billion that day.

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Isabella Wills

October 08, 2021

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This was definitely an unprecedented situation for global communications and what the internet represents for companies around the world. However, the blackout also showed the world the importance of having a solid eCommerce that allows business owners to continue operating with less issues and increase their sales 24/7 no matter what. 

And although you should never put all your eggs in one basket, now, it is even more clear that you should never set your Social Media accounts as the main sales channel of your company. Is your eCommerce the one platform that should always operate as the leading sales channel. 

The focus of your brand, in terms of branding, concept, operations, technology, etc., should remain on your Online Store, and become the kind of brand that even if Social Media disappears from the face of the earth, your customers will always remember you and still shop from you.

What to take into account to have a solid eCommerce that never goes down? 

First, build it with a flexible software

When building an eCommerce, it is essential that the platform can handle your growth and accommodate easily to all the changes you are going to make along the journey. That’s why the eCommerce platform you choose has to be flexible so you can grow with no limits. 

As your company grows, you should be able to analyze your customers’ behaviors and implement new features and functionalities so you can easily adapt to their needs, without dealing with the frustration of a platform like WooCommerce, that as time goes by can make your eCommerce slower, due to all the plugin versioning. 

At Seeed, we recommend for businesses who want to scale, choosing platforms like BigCommerce that are easy to customize, can handle massive users and orders, and works as an enterprise-level platform.

For example, if you are using WordPress, BigCommerce also allows you to easily migrate your site using the eCommerce engine they built exclusively for WordPress users, so you don’t have to compromise your current design and have a site that flows perfectly. 

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Second, include a solid 360 Payment Gateways

Your Payment Gateways is where your money goes, and if you want to grow you can’t afford losing money and frustrate customers with a checkout that doesn’t work, that gives wrong information or that can go down. 

That’s why we recommend you to acquire a solid platform that can handle all your orders as well as the type of payments that your customers would like to use for all their purchases. 

The Subscriptions Cloud App, is the Payment Gateway software we recommend, which is available for BigCommerce users and that you can easily download and install on your site. 

Subscriptions Cloud is a 360 checkout that can handle One-Time purchases, basic subscriptions, combo subscriptions, and even mix carts. This platform also gives you the stability of BigCommerce as well as the security of Square, since all payments are powered by them.  

Offering your customers all kinds of payments that makes their life easier, will definitely improve your brand and create loyalty among them, that’s why providing a complete checkout experience is a must-have. 

Third, make it exceptionally intuitive 

Yes, design matters. A lot. Your UI and UX have to necessarily be intuitive and very easy to navigate. This not only will help your customer to buy fast and more, but it will also help your brand to show empathy to those customers who are not tech-savvy and want to have a smooth shopping experience. 

Take into account that your website has to have a solid mobile version, for those shoppers who prefer to buy through their phones or tablets, and consider adding a chat box as well with the right copy to solve all the questions of your customers and accelerate their buying thinking process. 

Finally, don’t put aside or leave as a secondary aspect your Social Media content, because Facebook as the largest social network in the world, will continue to be the leading marketplace, and even if for some reason they died, another platform will appear. 

So, having a clear content strategy to boost your sales and expand your customers range, will always be key. 

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