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Is Email Marketing dying?

There's no doubt that Email Marketing is for sure one of the oldest digital marketing tricks in the manual, but that doesn't mean it is dead or going to die. In fact, it is the most affordable and scalable way to build relationships with your customers and prospects, generate leads and help you close more deals than ever before.

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Isabella Wills

September 14, 2021

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Think about the last time you checked your Email; it was probably 20 minutes or an hour ago. And you didn't do it just to clear your inbox, you did it because companies are constantly sending you content and information that you actually want to know, and it doesn't always have to involve big discounts or clearance sales on your favorite brand for you to check that Email; it involves the fact that you like the attention that a brand can give you, you also like to get knowledge, and most importantly you are curious. 

And when I say "you", I mean "you" as a consumer and "you" as a business owner. We are all curious creatures, and opening something to discover what it can offer for our benefit is what we do everyday; whether it is doing the Swipe Up of the story of an influencer, clicking on the link of an alarming news headline or in this case opening an email, just because the subject sounds great. 

Of course, you also constantly check your Email, because it is one of the main tools you use for work, and it helps you become more organized in your day, especially in 2021 when you can connect every single productivity tool out there to your business mail, and make them function as one big business machine. 

That's why all eyes are on Email. And yes, we all use social media a lot, and it is also crucial for the growth of your business, especially if you have a retail store. However, Email is that one tool that can capture high engaging attention; so for you, as a business owner, it's a "must" to have an Email Marketing strategy for your growth. 

So, how should you take advantage of it? 

We will not tell you that sending discounts, coupons, and announcing clearance SALES isn't important, but using your Email List only to do that is a waste of all the potential this tool has. 

Taking real advantage means sending your customers hacks, insights, new knowledge, and valuable content without any intent of sale. It's always asking the question: How can I benefit them?

1. Receive honest feedback

In terms of getting reviews and feedback from your customers, Email Marketing is also the most effective tool. On social media, people are too emotional and usually want to impress someone because other users read their comments and likes. 

However, in Email Marketing, people are more honest, more dedicated, and if they care about your brand, they will take the time to answer your Surveys. They will do it because this makes them feel special since you are taking the time to understand their opinion about what they think of your service or product. 

As Michael Seibel from Y Combinator always says: "Building Product, Talking to Users", that's the formula for success, because you always need to know how you can improve your product, the way you communicate your product, the customer service you offer, etc., and Surveys and Feedback are the kind of tool that will help you get the information you need from your customers by using Email Marketing.

2. Get into blog writing

Having a blog is a very useful tool that not only helps you create more engagement with your customers but it significantly improves your SEO and your site ranking. It will attract more traffic to your site, and will keep your customers engaged with all your new releases and offers.

This will also attract new customers that will discover your business just because you are giving advice on topics you are an expert on. That's why it is important that you, as a business owner, start developing writing skills or get a copywriter in your team. 

3. Increase your "Top of Mind"

Whenever your customers subscribe to your business email or newsletter, they will have constant access to all the information you provide about your brand, since they can read it anywhere and at any time, unlike paid ads, that are available just for a few days or weeks. So, if you constantly create content for them and remind them of your existence when the time to purchase has come, you will definitely be in their minds. 

Finally, let's face the obvious: Email Marketing works. It is proven to be a successful form of digital marketing and can help you achieve your business goals and is one of the most powerful tools to connect with your customers. 

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