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We know that there are many ways to communicate what our company or brand offers. How do you communicate it? Today we are going to talk about sequential storytelling, and why this is one of the best tools to "advertise" in a subtle and more precise way today

Mar Arellano

Mar Arellano

November 04, 2020

4 min read

We know that there are many ways to communicate what our company or brand offers.

How do you communicate it?

Today we are going to talk about sequential storytelling, and why this is one of the best tools to "advertise" in a subtle and more precise way today. 


But first let's understand something about advertising:

For many people, the word "advertising" sounds harsh since it somehow feels like someone wants to sell us something no matter what.

Advertising is undoubtedly a way of communicating something, of course, we all want to sell our product and that is not bad; The important thing now is to understand how we can sell this in a noninvasive, subtle way and with real content.

Many people have the gift of communication, but this, like any other skill, must be cultivated and worked on. Likewise, each brand, company, business, product and service must be analyzed to understand what will be the best way to communicate this. In any human team and for any type of business or brand, it is always essential to have a person who handles communication well.

Why is it so important?

Storytelling was and is an enduring mode of mass communication. In the digital age, this format has acquired a new avatar called Sequential Storytelling. This evolved version includes a series of well-chained stories, each leading to the next and taking the reader on a journey of deep and compelling storytelling. 

This practice generates advanced retargeting solutions that serve to activate the following message with each view, interaction or click, creating a deeper, more distinctive and fascinating dialogue between product and / or service and consumers. Which leads them on the way to the buying funnel.

There are many different definitions for brand storytelling, but in advertising terms, it is essentially about creating ads that tell a story in different parts, which are more relevant to your audience, generating through each said story than Clients want to see what will happen next, until they reach the conclusion and finally achieve the sale. 

When is it better to use them?

The truth is that any moment is good and for any purpose, as long as they are done in the right way. However, they are especially good for two specific things:

  • Generate perception or awareness of the brand.
  • Create direct response conversion campaigns.

For a large company with a lot of reputation, although the use of sequential narrative will always be useful, it is not necessary compared to the powerful tool it can be for a new brand that needs to raise awareness about it and make itself known.

Why use SS ads for your brand and how?

The use of this will allow your brand to become significant for your potential consumer, in a scenario where they are daily bombarded with advertising messages.

The subtlety of storytelling ads also works well to appeal to consumers who are increasingly aware of advertising and who are increasingly seeking to identify with a brand as well as get to know it in a more "personal" way.

  • Make it meaningful to your customers: beyond the product or service as such you offer, what makes you different? Why should that product or service be of interest to your client? And who are the people behind this brand, product or service?
  • We want to create clicks that are real: If we generate awareness and consideration for our brand in a more empathetic way towards our user, which can generate more relevant traffic that is probably closer to making a purchase.
  • Generate purchase intention for the future: Research showed that 55% of people who feel affinity and emotions when viewing a story would consider making a purchase from that brand in the future.

Storytelling is a primitive way of communicating and sharing with each other that will never die!

It is simply transforming over time and finding new ways to be created focused on each area in which you want to use them.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to keep in mind is that users in general are looking for more meaningful information every day, they are increasingly opting for brands that generate social work, for those who create a more sustainable change, etc. And they want to see all this, they want to feel that when they choose your product and / or service they are not only part of it but also contribute to a change.

Sequential storytelling is an extremely useful tool for you, and we have the perfect team to help you carry it out!