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Online Stores vs. the Brick and Mortar resistance

As consumers continue to change the way they shop due to the pandemic, businesses of varying sizes, industries, and types drastically rush to employ advancements to keep their firms competitive. Regarded as one of the biggest market trends, e-commerce has vigorously expanded as more people now choose to shop online.

Maria Alejandra King

Maria Alejandra King

October 01, 2021

5 min read

Often preferred by freelancers and independent sellers, it offers a handful of opportunities to many types of businesses as it promotes the effortless buying and selling of goods and services online. And although brick-and-mortar retail is bouncing back, online stores are still dominating the market and being utilized by startups as well as large, multinational enterprises. 

So, let’s talk about some of the main perks that make e-commerce stay as the dominating tool for every business. 

E-Commerce: Cost efficiency and convenience

Along with its awesome ability to help companies grow faster, the rapid growth of e-commerce has made it one of the most important and thriving business solutions on the web. Expected to sustain its progress at an accelerating rate, it has helped make several components of a business transaction less costly and more convenient. User-friendly, fast, and highly beneficial, let's take a look at some of e-commerce's amazing perks.

Round-The-Clock Income

While almost every physical establishment is bounded by time, an online store is available at all hours. Attracting those who are too busy to pop into a shop as well as customers who don't work normal hours, you can give your brand's business growth a serious boost as it allows them to pick up a product at their convenience. By enabling you to fully automate your ordering system, you can complete purchases for clients who have a knack for spending late at night.

Ease Of Set-Up

Since an outlet requires store owners to shell out a considerable amount to open a spot for their store's location, opening a brick and mortar is no doubt more costly and challenging. Not only does e-commerce save you from the hassle of buying bulk inventory, sales equipment, and the costs of store signs, but it also makes promoting your business more affordable, making it an attractive option particularly for new entrepreneurs.

Enhances Shopping Experience

By allowing store owners to create personalized landing pages, businesses can cater to a range of audiences and entice them to make a purchase by offering them a convenient online shopping experience. While different customers have their own retail preferences, putting up an omnichannel online store will undoubtedly promote customer loyalty which ultimately generates profit.

Scaling with no limits

Much like owning a brick-and-mortar, business growth is always the main goal. While a physical store's finite space makes expanding your inventory or increasing the product line a little more difficult, having an efficient e-commerce model allows you to add new products without having to worry about the size of your storehouse. Not only does it save you from the need of finding a bigger space, but it also lets you hold bigger inventory which promotes faster business growth.

It’s the perfect Sales Pitch

Although nothing compares to the feeling of going through different aisles and shelves to find the best deals, it is hands down a lot easier for a customer to swipe left to find the best-sellers in an online store. Businesses can also share their latest offerings through targeted ads or email marketing which includes great product photography and informative descriptions that may influence your customer's choice.

It can handle high number of orders

Naturally, as your business continues to grow, hiring more employees to help with processing orders becomes more reasonable. Although more sets of well-trained hands can help make your business run smoothly, it will also hold you back budget-wise a little further, inevitably hitting your profit. With an online store, not only can a customer place large orders with convenience, but it also enables you to handle each of them with ease and efficiency without the need of hiring an additional employee.

The chosen platform, matters

As a business owner, you have to take into account that the success as well as the scalability of your eCommerce not only depends on your marketing and business strategy; it also depends on the eCommerce platform that you use. Platforms like WooCommerce, do not allow every business to scale and manage thousands of orders, unlike enterprise-level platforms like BigCommerce that can handle every need that a business can have.

That’s why, it is important to evaluate where you want your business to be, and if you are using a platform that imposes too many limits, it’s time to consider migrating to a better platform. 

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Final thoughts...

There’s no doubt that whether you are looking to extend your business' reach, expand sales, or reduce your overall operations cost, a digital transformation cando your company wonders. As e-commerce is predicted to continue its steep climb, there's never been a better time to create and develop an online presence.

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