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Platform Migration Experience: WooCommerce to BigCommerce for Wordpress

Although Platform Migration can be a stressful process, it is a necessary component to update and consolidate your infrastructure so you can satisfy your customers demands.

César Palacio

César Palacio

July 15, 2021

4 min read

Let’s take a look at one of our recent cases of Platform Migration that we did for one of our clients, where we helped them migrate their platform from WooCommerce to BigCommerce for Wordpress. 

Our client has been using Wordpress+WooCommerce since 2016 with a history of approximately 43.000 orders, and more than 17.000 registered users. Given the amount of customers, all the WooCommerce plugins were making the platform very slow, which was affecting their SEO and also was making them lose customers because of not being able to bring a seamless experience. 

So it was time to sit down and analyze the path that our client was going to take in order to get rid of their current limits and start creating a greater growth.

At Seeed, one of our biggest partners is BigCommerce and there’s no doubt that if a company wants to scale, BigCommerce is definitely the right tool to grow a business with an enterprise level eCommerce platform. So BigCommerce was definitely the right way to go for them, 

However, not all migrations have an easy path to navigate. Our client had spent so many years using Divi, the Wordpress visual Page Builder to design the page, so it was difficult to deliver a tool of this type in order to make the template work properly on Bigcommerce.

But that wasn’t a problem for us as BigCommerce Partners. BigCommerce knows that Wordpress is one of the most used platforms worldwide, that’s why they decided to build the plugin "BigCommerce For WordPress", a plugin that helps us to synchronize the products of Bigcommerce inside the Wordpress platform. 

This made the process easier and it was definitely a competitive advantage for our client, since it helped them keep their original web design (frontend) and products, and also have all the benefits of BigCommerce checkout, product management and orders. Our client now had the benefits of the two biggest platforms in the world. 

We build for our client a component to have direct access from Divi (the Wordpress visual Page Builder), to the BigCommerce for Wordpress shortcodes, in order to make additional adjustments to the website design. We also helped them add the service Cart2Cart, in order to make the orders and payment process efficient, so the platform can handle effectively and successfully the large number of users and orders that our client has. 

So what did we learn from all this process? 

The first thing is that Platform Migration is not as we as a software development company expect. It took around 3 days in order to get the job done, and we also had to stay in contact with support all the time in order to identify problems, solve them and give continuity to the process. 

At Seeed, we recommend that you stay in contact with support once the process has started. For example, we had to add some IPS addresses in our VPS in Google Cloud, and if we had done it by ourselves, the migration process would have taken longer.

It is also very important that before starting the Platform Migration process, you as a business owner have to take into account your hosting, since the synchronization between Wordpress and BigCommerce, and the number of products can affect the information updating. 

As final notes it is key to set everything clear from the beginning about the path to follow, so that the transition can become less complicated not only for you as a business owner, but also for your customers, since any changes on the platform can affect directly to your end user because we are pulling them out from their comfort zone. That’s why having excellent customer service is essential in this process.

If you want to start your Platform Migration process today, you can schedule your FREE consultation here.

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