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Seeed Recap 2021: A year of creating solutions for “unsolvable” problems

More than a Digital Transformation Agency, our team is dedicated to creating technological solutions for those problems that most on the market would deny or say can't be solved. Our 8 years of experience with Cloud Transformation, Web and App Development, Optimized eCommerce, and many more have let us always find a way to solve our clients' problems and exceed their expectations by creating permanent solutions.

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Seeed Team

December 22, 2021

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This year, we smashed the phrase: "That can't be done" and replaced it again with the words: "Let's go for more".  

Highlights of this year: 

  • Winners at the Square Unboxed Hackathon 2021
  • Speakers at the Square Unboxed 2021 event 
  • A subscriptions payment platform 100% integrated with BigCommerce and Square
  • A real-time inventory sync App for BigCommerce and Square 
  • Platform Migration from WooCommerce to BigCommerce for WordPress
  • Delivering a Headless Content ecosystem for a traditional corporation
  • Transforming a traditional business into a SaaS platform.

1. Winners at the Square Unboxed Hackathon 2021 

This year Square decided to challenge developers to come up with different solutions using the new components they were about to announce, and so, we built two different products that were selected as winners in two different categories. 


  • Best Snippet for Square Online: 
  • Photo Review App: Photo Review is a social validation app that allows online sellers to post or repost original content from their customers on their product pages, using Instagram and a hashtag. 

Here’s how it works:


  • Most impressive technical integration: 
  • React Square Web Payments SDK: We built a library that helps developers quickly build secure payment forms by only passing some parameters and a Square account. 

Here’s how it works:

2. Speakers at the Square Unboxed 2021 event

At the Square Unboxed event of this year, we talked about how we are using Square platforms to build omnichannel solutions and all the opportunities that the pandemic brought that helped accelerate digital transformations.

Watch the full interview here:

3. A subscriptions payment platform 100% integrated with BigCommerce and Square 

As eCommerce experts and Square and BigCommerce partners, we wanted to help business owners start selling their products as subscriptions, without sacrificing profit margins, checkout experience, or the need to modify their store to please an app. And so, we created Subscriptions Cloud. 

Subscriptions Cloud is fully integrated with BigCommerce and powered by Square. It’s almost 100% serverless, and thanks to our partnership with Google Cloud it’s built with elasticity in mind, meaning that our customers don’t need to worry about downtimes, cyber-attacks, or season peaks, the whole platform grows and shrinks on demand helping reducing cost and increasing performance for all our customers. 

Check out what Subscriptions Cloud can do for online sellers here:

4. A real-time inventory sync App for BigCommerce and Square 

For an online store that handles massive orders and users, dealing effectively with inventory sync is always a real challenge for business owners. That’s why we decided to build PIIM Cloud, a real-time inventory sync App fully integrated with BigCommerce and Square, that business owners can install on their stores, and quickly sync all their inventory without having the need to do it manually. 

This solution works perfectly even for Shopify users that are having trouble keeping up with the growth of their business.

5. Platform Migration from WooCommerce to BigCommerce for WordPress

For clients that are used to working with Divi the WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder, migrating to a different platform is always a tedious and very delayed job to do. However, we helped our client Pure-Hemp Botanicals that was using WooCommerce migrate in record time to an enterprise-level platform like BigCommerce, using their WordPress plugin, which allowed them to keep their design theme and workflow.  

This helped our client provide a seamless experience to their customers, eliminate all the plugin errors they were having with WooCommerce, improve their speed and SEO, and handle massive orders and users with no limits. With a Headless environment, they now are even offering subscription-based products to their customers and handling those orders using our Subscriptions Cloud payment platform, which also supports CBD online sellers.  

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6. Delivering a Headless Content ecosystem for a traditional corporation

Whenever a client needs to expand their business and create side projects that are part of their brand, going Headless is the tool that provides that permanent solution and makes everything work in the simplest way possible. And so, for our client Diproinduca Foundation we delivered them a Hybrid Content Management ecosystem that allowed them to easily manage all their content. 

With a Headless infrastructure we also built a platform with interactive content for their annual World Environment Day Drawing Contest, that could also support hundreds of participants and all their information, as well as function as a classification and voting system.

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7. Transforming a traditional business into a SaaS platform

Our client AVWAVE Interactive Solutions needed a platform that could help their customers show their real estate properties using 3D renders, 3D tours, and even options like countertops types and wall colors to provide an entire new sales channel for their customers. As a traditional business model, we decided to transform their business into a SaaS business model. 

We created a multi-tenant platform that could handle large files to be uploaded and displayed eCommerce data, features, and descriptions, while accumulating customer data like selections, taste, percentage of completion, etc. This platform works as a virtual showroom for developers and builders, allowing them to incorporate site plans, floor plans, exterior, and interior renderings, 360 tours, and animated tours of their developments to their websites and showrooms. 

Thank you to the team and every client who put their trust in us. We are very excited to see what 2022 is going to bring for all of us. 

Here’s to a new year full of more achievements.