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We do not know how long the pandemic will last, we are not sure how well or badly governments can handle it, what we do know is that life cannot stop, and especially the economy must not stop! We know how difficult this time has been, because like you, we have lived it

Mar Arellano

Mar Arellano

November 11, 2020

5 min read

We do not know how long the pandemic will last, we are not sure how well or badly governments can handle it, what we do know is that life cannot stop, and especially the economy must not stop!


We know how difficult this time has been, because like you, we have lived it. What we do want to assure you is that the digital world will give you advantages over whatever the next few years bring us.

Everything will be fine again

This is not the time to panic, it is time to look at everything you have achieved with your business or brand and create the foundations for it to last in the future.

The offline market shop has qualities that the digital will never overcome, and that is a fact. I think we all miss walking the streets calmly, going shopping, touching an item of clothing, or holding a product with your hands, going out to eat at restaurants without any fear or complication, etc.

We are going to do all this again, and we have to stay positive and sure that it will, but for the moment, our common focus should be mainly to take care of each other in the best way and secondly not to stop creating and selling, since the economy should not slow down.

Why Online matters

But today, both for the global crisis that we are experiencing and for the coming years and the future of all kinds of industries, the digital world generates support and is an extremely powerful tool.

Large industries are another story, but if you are a retailer, a small merchant, a small producer, a new entrepreneur or have a brand that you had just started with or are just starting with, digital commerce opens you the doors to the world.

We cannot tell you that it is easy, because no company or anything worthwhile is really easy, what we can tell you is that it is less expensive and safer than having a physical space especially in these uncertain times.

Much will depend on the country where you are, there are countries such as the US and all of the EU where electronic commerce has more facilities both in terms of payments and shipments, which are really one of the most important things to operate.

In several Latin American countries, payment platforms have little or nothing to do with those used in North America and Europe, and reliability, costs and shipping times are another rather complex and expensive task.

Despite what was mentioned before, the facilities offered by digital commerce platforms are many, the simple fact of being able to have an ecommerce will reduce operating, local, maintenance expenses, and more. The best thing is almost any product or service can be offered through these. 

It may be that you are one of the businesses that want to have a physical space and face-to-face attention with the public, and we love that you think like this, but we want you to now think about the benefits that having an ecommerce platform can generate for you, that despite adversity you will continue to sell and manage not only to survive but to generate sales that perhaps you had not imagined to a public or in places that you had not even contemplated, in this way you will not only expand and maintain your business, but also You will have the possibility that when everything is normalized, your physical store has greater visibility.

Look the pros

Creating an online store where the user can see what you offer, its cost and the shipping options will make more people want to buy your product or service.

Despite the fact that you comply with all the biosecurity regulations for the current crisis, there are thousands of people who are not willing to leave home yet and who will stay that way for a long time, take your brand or business to their homes.

What you will save on income and physical advertising you can invest in excellent marketing plans, social media management and much more and it will still be cheaper. We do not mean that it is "cheap", but we do mean that it will be cheaper than something physical and with a massive impact.

If you are one of the businesses or brands that takes advantage of the times that run and see this moment from the positive side, you will reach more easily not only your target customer, but will reach new markets that perhaps you never thought, which will make your company or brand creates an ever greater awareness and that when things are normalized you will have more clients both physical and digital.

These are just some of the benefits of creating and / or strengthening your online business.

Calm down, you are not alone

We know that changes can generate nerves, and even more so if you don't know where to start, but that's what we're here for. it is important to know as a business what we can do and when it is time to ask for help!

Our company has a lot of experience, and in times of COVID we have been able to help many retailers and small entrepreneurs not only keep their business afloat, but do better than before.


Write to us, we can gladly answer your questions and focus on making things excellent for you!