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What To Expect From The Holiday Shopping Season This Year?

Here Are Some Tips To Make The Holiday Shopping Season A Little Less Stressful.

Maria Alejandra King

Maria Alejandra King

November 24, 2021

4 min read

The holiday season is in full force, and the numbers are staggering. According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales for 2021 are expected to increase by 8.5-10.5% compared to 2020, generating between $843.4 billion and $859 billion.

People are still out there buying gifts for this holiday season. November and December can be stressful and busy times of the year, but one thing is sure: "People will still buy gifts." This season will be an important one for retail and online businesses as it will give us insight into what we should expect to see a change in the coming years. However, online businesses are expected to grow since consumers are more adapted and educated towards this business model.

With these ideas in mind, there are a few new developments you should be aware of.

How are consumers shopping this year?

First, today's shoppers are expecting more than ever before. To get ahead of the game, you need to understand how new technology and consumer behavior will affect your online/offline marketing strategy.

Let's dig deeper. According to Google and many other retail reports, customers choose which retailers to use during the holidays. So naturally, many of them are looking for discounts or free shipping, and more than 80% of U.S. holiday shoppers say they will go with stores they know. Keep in mind that if their go-to brand or business runs out of inventory, there is a good chance for your business to take advantage of this opportunity.

How are retailers adjusting to the holiday season? 

Simple, with the use of different technologies to adapt to this year's game plan. So, Automation will be critical this year.

The holiday shopping season has kicked into high gear. If you're not already using automation technologies to run your campaigns, you'll want to take action now to unlock growth opportunities in your business.

Automation will allow your business to reach new audiences efficiently and more productively. It will get more conversion from your budget and also will help you grow faster. But to make it happen, data is essential to be able to adapt and create better strategies.

With a greater emphasis on technology and a shift in consumer behavior, brands have an opportunity to break through the noise. It's crucial to understand who your customers are. And have a personalized message for them at every touchpoint.

Here is what you need to consider ahead of that sales rush.

Tactics for a successful holiday eCommerce season

1-Have a robust retention strategy with an extraordinary customer experience that will make them come back for more.

2-Automation and data will be your secret to success, so use them wisely.

3-Make it easy to buy from you. Different channels are a must to be found.

4-Stay in contact with customers before they purchase and during and afterward to let them know you care for the whole process.

5-Taking the opportunity to celebrate with customers by sending personalized holiday messages, humanizing the experience is essential too for your brand.

6-Take advantage of the holiday season and grow your email list for future campaigns.

7-Keep your business ahead of technology, so keep on your to-do list a headless e-commerce for your Q1 of 2022.

Having multiple shopping options is good news for consumers. According to the National Retail Federation, sales in traditional and online channels are expected to be above last year's numbers. In addition, this year, shoppers will do their research before they buy to find the best deals, which means less impulse buying and more planned purchases.

The holiday season is busy for everyone, so brands must be all in this time of year; it truly meets the needs of an increasingly mobile society. As mobile, voice, and AI technologies continue to redefine the customer journey, it's more important than ever to remain focused on helping customers in their quest for holiday deals and gifts. Success in this age of digital transformation will require brands to go above and beyond in tapping into unconventional ways to delight customers throughout the holidays.