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WINNERS Most Impressive Technical Integration for the Square Unboxed Hackathon

A React Wrapper for Square's Web Payments SDK that supports the following payment methods: credit and debit cards, ACH bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Gift Cards. It's tedious to write a payment form… As developers we always think about what is the code necessary to build a payment gateway, what service we are going to use and how to present it to the end customer. What it does React-square-web-payments-sdk is a library that will help developers easily build payment forms by passing only some parameters and having a Square account. How we built it We searched for all the libraries that Square have, and found one called @square/web-sdk that has all the functionality about Web Payments SDK that we need. Starting from the fact that the react-square-payment-form was deprecated, we created a library that looks almost like the old library but with all the new core functionality from Square. We set up our library with GitHub Actions and NPM to have the ability to use the CI/CD correctly.