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Prototyping for APPs Web applications and eCommerce

We don't start a project without a prototype and you shouldn't either. Prototyping will give you a better view of your project and it's limitations.

No one will build you a house without a blueprint


And if they do well, you shouldn't expect much. A prototype helps you to actually see the functionality and the way the app or your web application will work, it will also give you a ton of new ideas for features and improvements.

What's a Prototype?

A prototype is a complete mockup of the APP or Web application, every screen every function is stated there, buttons, icons, fonts, colors.

It’s basically a nonfunctional version of your application 

Having all that there, means that you’ll be able to get an accurate quote from any development agency, it also means that you’ll be able to compare apples with apples.

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This is how we do it?

We have a few simple steps:

1- Interrogation and Storytelling: you tell the story and we ask questions about it, this will include colors, logo, basic functions, and even your background, how you came up with the idea, etc.

2- Initial wireframe and design: based on step 1 we create a sketch that has the main page's color combinations and basic initial functions.

3- Review and Changes: we sit down and review the wireframe screen by screen, if you are happy we move on to the next phase, if you’re  not we go back to step 2

4- First Presentation: You'll get a full design with all the screens and functions and a review meeting

5- Prototype Stitching and Delivery: we connect the screens to the buttons and  the buttons to the functions so you can navigate and use the APP like the real thing